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Office Massage Service

Britons work some of the longest hours in Europe – and with today’s fast-paced, ‘always on’ culture, stress is a challenge in almost every workplace.

Massage Angels’ over-the-clothes, ‘no-fuss’ revitalising massage treatments – delivered at desks or from a designated office location – can help to alleviate stress and stress-related illness, and promote clarity of thought, increase positivity and aid motivation and concentration.

With every treatment designed specifically to alleviate tension in the head, neck and shoulders in just 7-10 minutes long, it is low on disruption and high in positive results.

In addition, if more time is available, Massage Angels can offer tailored 20-30 minute treatments – for a deeper experience – from Acupressure Massage Chairs.

Massage Angels are a regular fixture at a range of offices and businesses from advertising agencies to banks to insurance companies to international brands across central London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Massage Angels can also be booked for team-building off-sites, as performance rewards, as morale boosters (eg. a staff ‘thank-you’) and other motivational events.

Working closely with Human Resources teams, Massage Angels is committed to supporting stress management initiatives and promoting well-being at work.

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