Carmen’s Story

Carmen is a trained BTEC Level 5 Clinical Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Massage Therapist. Carmen is a busy mum of two young children and is originally from Spain.

Apply to be a Massage Angel

Why did you want to join Massage Angels?

I live very close to Westfield Stratford City and had seen the Massage Angels’ Pod. I always thought that it looked modern, clean and accessible. I was always struck by the professionalism of the Angels’ massage treatments and how genuinely nice and kind the Angels were. I was pregnant at the time, but Massage Angels kept popping up in mind, and when I was coming to the end of my maternity leave, I saw that the company was expanding and applied straight away! I wanted to be part of something I could be proud of – to be a therapist, a healer.


What is your role within Massage Angels?

Massage Therapist & Team Leader.


What venues/locations/events are you part of as part of Massage Angels?

Westfield Stratford.


How long have you been with Massage Angels?

About a year and a half.


What do you like most about working with Massage Angels?

What we do – delivering fantastic head, neck and shoulder massages. I come from a medical family which probably gave me the ‘healer’ side of me. Life is so busy for our customers…rushing, meeting deadlines, catching trains, making decisions, going to meetings…and with us they can stop…just for 10 minutes. And we help them feel better, reconnected with their inner peace, refreshed, relaxed and feel ready to go on? I help people feel better. How many people can say that they do this for a living? I feel very lucky – and that makes me love what I do”


What is your typical day/night like working with Massage Angels?

The Angels have a very good working relationship. We work as a team and there is a strong bond and camaraderie at work – and we always start our shifts by saying hello with a hug! We are proud of what we do – and are always inspired to show new customers how great our treatment is. And because our shifts are not too long, we can always give our best and feel energised throughout.


What is the most enjoyable part of your day/night?

Maybe this is stating the obvious, but the best part of my day is delivering massage treatments. I can’t help it, I love my job.


Best ‘Massage Angel Moment’?

A five year old who comes to see us with his Mum – and chooses to have a massage (well, it’s a tickle on the shoulders ☺ ) before he has his lunch!


What is the best compliment you have ever been given by a client?

Magic hands!


Please can you sum up your job with Massage Angels in one sentence?

Like in life, it is not up to me what I receive, but it is entirely up to me what I give.