Faith’s Story

Faith has been a Massage Therapist for nearly 7 years and is originally from West Yorkshire. She has an NVQ Level 3 in Sports Massage and is also qualified in On-site Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Warm Bamboo Massage and Lymphatic Drainage.

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Why did you want to join Massage Angels?

At the time I was training full time as an athlete. I had completed my professional qualifications in Sports Massage and I knew that massage was something that I was interested in and enjoyed. Massage Angels seemed like a really good company that could be as flexible as I needed at the time.


What is your role within Massage Angels?

I am a Team Leader at Westfield Stratford City – and I am also part of Massage Angels’ In-Office massage team.

What venues/locations/events are you part of as part of Massage Angels?

I can be found at Westfield Stratford every Friday and Saturday! I also deliver the Massage Angels de-stressing in-office service within various corporate offices in London and throughout the UK.


How long have you been with Massage Angels?

Nearly 6 years!


What do you like most about working with Massage Angels?

The team I work with is great! The Angels on the Pod really do have a sense of camaraderie and we look after each other. The Angels are not just work colleagues, but also great friends.


What is your typical day/night like working with Massage Angels?

On a Friday I iron my uniform ready for my shifts on Friday and Saturday. Then have a good lunch before driving to Westfield Stratford City. After my busy shift I get home and prepare for the following day as on Saturday as I choose to work a double shift from 9am-9pm!


What is the most enjoyable part of your day/night?

Delivering full body treatments is great, but delivering those treatments back-to-back all day long is tough for any therapist. At Massage Angels, the massages are much shorter and when it is busy the time flies! Every customer has different story and a treatment is never the same. I feel like I can make a real difference, even in just 10minutes. It’s a very rewarding role – and you meet some real characters!


Best ‘Massage Angel Moment’?

Every time anyone sits down for a massage I think it is a little miracle, but the most rewarding feeling is when a customer comes back – and waits for you!


What is the best compliment you have ever been given by a client?

When a client says: ‘your hands are a gift’ – and you can see how much they benefited from their treatment.


Please can you sum up your job with Massage Angels in one sentence?

Incredibly fun and rewarding. I feel blessed to work with such a fantastic team in such a great company.