Kara’s Story

Kara has a Foundation Degree in Healthcare Studies, an NVQ Level 3 in Beauty Therapy and qualifications in Swedish Massage, Hot Stones Massage and Indian Head Massage.

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Why did you want to join Massage Angels?

I was looking for a job in ‘the big city’ that focused more on massage as that’s my passion. I came across Massage Angels and loved the company philosophy of making massage accessible to everyone in a modern, dynamic way. Joe and Polly are really passionate about the company and I wanted to be part of something amazing!


What is your role within Massage Angels?

I am a Team Leader. I support the Massage Angels and Joe and Polly in providing amazing on-site massage experience for our customers.


What venues/locations/events are you part of as part of Massage Angels?

I work afternoon/evening shifts and weekends at Westfield London – but equally, but I like to get involved in all aspects of Ibiza Angels Group and so I worked with Ibiza Angels at festivals over the summer (SW4, Lovebox, Meraki, Wireless) and I have been part of the Casino Angels delivering head neck and shoulder massages at poker tournaments in the UK. I have also delivered complementary massages for LNER First Class customers at London Kings Cross – and for international brands such as Wella. There are so elements to the company and that ensures that our jobs are always varied and fun!


What do you like most about working with Massage Angels?

I love coming to work with friends every day – and this keeps our energy fresh. For me, coming from a small town, I love being part of London’s cosmopolitan world. As a Massage Angel, I have massaged customers from all over the world and it’s pretty amazing to have returning customers who live thousands of miles away.


What is your typical day/night like working with Massage Angels?

I am Team Leader on the afternoon/evening shifts and on the train in I start to get excited about getting to work! My shift is 5 ½ hours and after my shift I am usually buzzing and have more energy than when I started! Luckily I have a 2-hour journey home to calm down!


What is the most enjoyable part of your day/night?

Catching up with my friends on the team before we start work. As Massage Therapists, no matter what’s going on in our lives, it’s important that we put that aside when we get to work. As Team Leader, I like to get my team into a motivated positive space before we start.


Best ‘Massage Angel Moment’?

It has to be working at SW4 festival on the August bank holiday. The music was amazing – we were right in front of the stage, and we were so busy. Doing a job you love, working with people you love, with the music you love in the background… let’s say I am very excited for festival season to start!!


What is the best compliment you have ever been given by a client?

I love it when clients tell me they can tell I have a lot of experience. I am proud of my massage and Massage Angels focuses on providing the best massages and a great service


Please can you sum up your job with Massage Angels in one sentence?

Being part of a team of Angels from all over the world, who have great energy – and providing amazing massage treatments!